Hi I’m Briony, I’m a Western Australian author and illustrator. I have a double degree in fine art and creative writing I’m passionate about all forms of art for children (and the young at heart). When I am not working on books you’ll most likely find me programming events, projects and art activities for festivals and other organizations – that or something weird like wrestling with giant fishing tackle balloons, building dragons, or organizing your local egg rolling championships…

Anyway, my first book was published in 2007, and won an Aurealis award, as well as being listed as a notable book by the CBCA. I have made a few more more books since then, and in 2012 I won the Children’s Book Prize in the Queensland Literary Award’s for Kumiko and the Shadow Catchers. It was très exciting!

I have about a bazillion art influences – from the scientific drawings and discoveries of Gould and Haekle, to the mad, rambling drawings of Searl and Blake. I love Victorian era whimsy and illustration, Japanese animation, folktale, poetry, and ABC children’s programs pretty much all the way from the early 90’s to the present. I am a big fan of boyish action adventures like Back to the Future, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, as well as all things pathetically romantic like Pride and Predjudice.

I am proud to be an artist from Perth, Western Australia and it’s here that I continue to write and paint to this day.

If you want to know even more about me and how I came to be a writer/illustrator you can find it hidden here…

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