Here in the Garden

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"The wind is raking through the falling leaves and I wish that you were here." 

As the seasons change, a young boy shares the magic of his garden with a special friend.

A tender picture book about loss, love and friendship.

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The Red Wheelbarrow

With nothing but a paper bag full of lollies and a much-loved blanket, two sisters and a curious chicken share an adventure in a red wheelbarrow.
Sometimes it's the simple things in life that create the best stories.

A wordless picturebook for all ages.

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Kumiko and the Shadow Catchers

Since discovering the secret of the Shadow Catchers, Kumiko knows it's only a matter of time before her family and guardian dragon Tomodo are in grave danger. To save those she loves, Kumiko must venture where no one in her family has gone before. 

The final, exciting instalment in the Kumiko and the Dragon trilogy

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Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret

Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret continues the adventure of Kumiko, a young Japanese girl who is guarded by the dragon, Tomodo.

In this sequel danger surrounds Kumiko's family as the sinister shadow catchers kidnap Kumiko's sister, seeking to absorb the dragons' magical powers through the bloodline of Kumiko's family.

Kumiko is the only one who can defeat the shadow catchers. She alone has the power to rescue her little sister. But can she get there in time? 

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Kumiko and the Dragon


Kumiko doesn't like going to bed. She can't sleep, and the reason she can't sleep is because of the giant dragon that sits outside her bedroom window, every single night. One night she plucks up the courage to ask the dragon to leave, not knowing that the truth she is about to discover is more thrilling than anything she could ever have imagined.This delightful story will take young readers on a soaring dragon adventure, as Kumiko discovers a strength she never even knew she had.

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The Lion in Our Living Room

Lion cover_med.jpg

had. Tom and Tilly wish and wonder, will the lion come? Will he come and visit them for lots of lion fun? 

Here is a rrrrip-roaring story about dads, the kings of the living room, and the special moments families share

Perfect for reading aloud with a playful parent or lion.

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The Bear In Our Backyard


Does she sleep? Shall we peak? Is it really a Bear? Shall we sneak outside and see if bear is really there?

Tom and Tilly search for the bear who lives in their backyard.

A rare tribute to the small and magical moments that mums create everyday. Perfect for families expecting a new baby bear.

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